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Sweden based company Systemair is one of the biggest players in global HVAC market. Systemair HSK is the Turkish entity which supplies ventilation products and air handling units to big-sized projects such as factories, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, tunnels and data centers… And operating as a leader of Turkish HVAC market for long years.

We are a trusted solution partner with our innovative products and systems that are sensitive to the consumer, the environment and society. We proceed with a constantly renewing perspective in line with our mission of “improving the indoor air quality of the spaces and providing people fresh and clean air”.

We strongly believe that a good indoor climate contributes to a better quality of life and our focus is to ensure this is achieved in an energy-efficient manner, as part of our contribution to good energy conservation in society. This philosophy extends to our products specifically designed for data centres.

Cooling is mission critical for data centres, as growing reliance on online processes within modern society has led to an exponential increase in data transmission, leading in turn to greater power consumption. Moving forward Data centres must not only function reliably, but also be energy efficient and in line with future environmental requirements. With ever-increasing storage capacity and more compact equipment, there is a growing need for cost-efficient cooling in data centres.

Let’s ventilate what’s important to you.